we use music as a way to let go of things. those things that you pick up during the day and forget about, only to find that they’re still there when you turn the lights out at night. as dismal as this sounds, it’s what keeps us moving, creating, staying alive. we hope it does the same for you.


daysormay videos are made by febnuki.

download photos here.

daysormay is an alternative trio from Vernon, B.C. Canada who continue to shake heads with their epic sounds and impressive songwriting chops. Unsatisfied to churn out simple three minute rock standards, they continue to challenge their craft by hiking to new songwriting heights and attacking each new live show with the relentless energy of a band on the verge.

Carson Bassett (Drums/Percussion)
Nolan Bassett (Bass/Vocals/KEYS)
Aidan Andrews (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keys/Ukulele)